This is a single-player VTC based in Miller Transports yard in Hawes (Who we have a strong contract with). All our trucks have the appropriate tools and specs to get the job done, what ever that job may be. As a company, we tackle all types of haulage, however we mainly run with ferry trailers and containers. Our contracts to this day are with Miller Transport, Fletch Haulage, R. Morrissey. Also we run trailers for Coblefret, Olof-mtt and DFDS, which helps to keep us running when there isn't much work coming from the 3 VTC contracts. I hope you find yourself interested in this VTC. If that is so please take a look at the facebook page  and contact me Shane Rhoades for more information on the recruitment process and more knowledge about the VTC.

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Jobs logged

50,051 km

Distance driven

23,659 t

Cargo moved

14,899 L

Fuel used